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Come be a part of the PointerWare story and as we make computers easy for seniors and special populations! For all the partnership opportunities listed below contact us at:

Sales Agents

There's no greater opportunity than one that sells itself. With our superior seniors-friendly software designed for individuals and senior living facilities, PointerWare is exactly one of those opportunities!

Enjoy generous commissions of 50%! And guess what - over half of our customers choose the monthly billing option, so you could be enjoying an automatic, recurring revenue stream for years to come!

We offer a flexible range of reseller and OEM partner options for VARs, Systems Integrators, and PC Consultants, while providing the scalability to satisfy the needs of larger Telcos, ISPs, and Cable Companies.

Hardware Vendors

Our Hardware Bundling Program is designed for computer hardware manufacturers who are interested in incorporating PointerWare with their products. Complementing your hardware product with our easy-to-use software will provide you with an entirely new customer demographic, with over 40 million seniors in North America alone.

Our clients always enjoy effective and prompt cooperation and attractive licensing terms. Hardware bundling is truly "No cost Bundling" and OEMs can even earn commission from resulting sales. Software customization options are available as well.


Do you run a blog and think your readers would benefit from seniors-friendly software? If so, PointerWare's newly created Blogger Affiliate program offers the same 50% revenue share arrangement as our agent agreement and all you have to do is mention PointerWare in a post on your blog!

We can generate either a custom coupon-code for your readers, or a custom link to our download, and any resulting sales will result in you receiving the comission. Furthermore, your readers will benefit from 10-20% discount on PointerWare through the use of your coupon or link, so they will be incentivized to use it.

Over half of our customers choose the monthly billing option, so you could be enjoying an automatic, recurring revenue stream from your blog for years to come!

For example: If 20 of your readers sign up for PointerWare, that could earn your blog $1,2000!

Non-profit Organizations

PointerWare presents a unique opportunity for non-profit communities to offer the software at a discount to their members. In turn PointerWare will donate a percentage of the sales to the offering organization - a win-win-win scenario for the organization, its members, and PointerWare.

For example: If 500 members of Bob's Foundation sign up for PointerWare, that could result in an immediate payment of $30,000 to Bob's Foundation.

If 500 members signed up for a PointerWare subscription, this would result in $24,000 a year in support of the organization.

Internet Service Providers

Are your technical support lines overwhelmed by people calling with extremely basic Windows and Browser problems? Is your growth stagnant because everyone already has high-speed Internet?

Offering PointerWare bundled with your Internet service is a great way to reach a new and underserved demographic, offering tremendous growth opportunities in the years ahead as more and more seniors get online.

Moving your customers to PointerWare can drastically cut down on the number of trivial support calls your staff must process, as PointerWare makes common internet tasks extremely simple, as well as provides a barrier to spam, viruses, spyware and malware.

Lastly, offering PointerWare can help differentiate yourself from other ISPs, and provides you with an additional revenue stream to increase your average revenue per user.

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Current Partners: National Senior Living Facility Providers

Current Partners: Senior Living Facilities

Assisted Living / Retirement Residences

Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care

Current Partners: Hospitals and Community Centers

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