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"My 88 year-old mother uses the software from PointerWare and just loves it! I searched the web to find the best software for her and this is it. PointerWare is a company with a great idea that I'd like to see other seniors hear about."

- Larry

"To give someone of that age the ability to communicate with family, on their terms - it's huge. If I'm at work and can't talk to her on the phone, we can at least send e-mails. We feel connected and that just takes some of the worry away."

- Scott P.

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of my extended family. My grandmother lost our grandfather this past June, and has been lonely since. None of the family lives within two hours of her, and we can be with her on weekends, but not everyday. Thanks to PointerWare, not only can she talk to my mother (her daughter) that is two hours away, but also she can hear from family 1600 miles away without a long phone conversation. This is especially good since her hearing is getting worse, and she is difficult to talk to on the phone. BLESS YOUR HEARTS! We count you in our blessings at night. Thank you for what you do. $8 is WELL WORTH peace of mind and communication with my grandmother, of 82. I had been printing out pictures and mailing them postal for years to her from Texas and now she can see digitals with ease. I can't say enough good things about your program."

- Kathryn L.

"She loves it. She uses it first thing in the morning and again at night. She's getting pictures of a great-granddaughter in Alberta and is working with a cousin in Nova Scotia who's doing a family tree. It's making her brain more active. I'm usually not a supporter of very many things but this is something I'm a big supporter of."

- Brett C.

"Mr Beath and Mr Rupsingh are gods. Thank you for developing such amazing software. My father and I appreciate your product [PointerWare] for seniors very much. Thank you so much."

- Pam W. and Dad

"What an amazing idea guys!! My husband and I have been on the lookout for a product such as yours... we have elderly parents who want to use the computer/Internet, but are easily frustrated with the whole thing! This gives us hope that we will be able to give them something that they can actually function and use!!! Thanks."

- Diane W.

From Chelsey Park's perspective, we are happy that we are providing our Residents with the ability to communicate with family members via email. They get to receive pictures and updates on all their love ones. Some of the extended family members are far away and this has allowed them to reconnect with the grandchildren. Their grandchildren also enjoy it because they get to hear their Grandparent's voice.

Now with the confidence level building, they are exploring the internet and watching some of the old Television shows or the old songs that they remember. This is a great way for them to reminisce and tell us stories that are associated with that time. I am also pleased with the games aspect of it. The matching cards, the simon says, the solitaire and other quiz games are great for my resident's mind. This makes them use their brain and that is important with seniors in order to keep them independent for a longer period of time.

- Mac C. - Retirement Residence Recreation Manager
"This is absolutely brilliant!"

- Charlotte C.

"Great product and I've been looking for something simple like this for my dad and mother in law for a long time."

- John

"Congratulations on producing such a wonderful product. I will be recommending this to many friends who need a nice simple interface for their parents."

- Peter M.

We used to teach our seniors how to use hotmail but now we think PointerWare should be the new standard! It's a great way to get seniors interested in computers.

- Sara O - Retirement Residence Recreation Manager

I am very excited about Softshell!

As a volunteer at Rubidge Retirement Resident in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, I instruct seniors on the use of computers. I have students who range in age from 75 to 93! I have found many of the wonderful people I work with are afraid of using a computer due to the fact that they do not know how to type; they fear the complexity of the technology; or they are afraid that memory loss has rendered them incapable.

Not so with Softshell! It is so easy to use!

I am a firm believer that in this fast paced world in which we live, the computer is a wonderful vehicle for family and friends to keep in touch .... so important to the well being of everyone involved! I delight in the smiles on the faces of the residents as they experience success in using Softshell. It opens up a whole new world for them.

Softshell has enabled my 90+ year old friend, Frances, to keep in touch with her niece who is teaching in Taiwan. With Softshell, she regularly receives not only mail, but photos of all the wonderful sights her niece is experiencing! She also corresponds regularly with relatives in various parts of England. And, when she is not bridging the gap with family, she plays computer Solitaire and other games available with the Softshell program.

Chum (80+), was very concerned that she might not be able to learn to use the computer. Today, after a few tries and the guidance of Softshell's easy instructions, she sends voicemail messages (no typing required!) to her daughter and family on a regular basis. She knows that by using Softshell her messages will be received without the interuption of her daughter's busy schedule.

Softshell is definitely a program designed to assist those who want to use a computer but are afraid to try!

Deb M - Volunteer at Rubidge Retirement Center

My name is John Joyce and I am a 61 year old male at the Kiwanis Senior Center. I have been trying out this new program called SoftShell. I like the different choices you can make in sending e-mail ( typed or voice). Before I used this program I felt very intimidated going on a computer. Now I have more confidence and enjoy surfing the internet especially with the touch screen. I like the touch screen system mainly because I am not an accomplished typist. I would also like to add about the larger icons make easier to see the different choices you can make.
Thank you.

- John J. - 61 year old SoftShell user

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